Disaster Relief 

Kids Against Hunger has had a presence in Haiti for many years, and has been ready with food relief on a regular basis as well as quickly on the ground with our high-nutrition food after every natural disastger there.

HURRICANE MATTHEW is the latest tragedy to strike.  They have begun the clean up from the brutality of the storm, with the death count continuing to rise.  

The damage to the nation already classified as the poorest in the entire world has been crippling.  The homes in Haiti are mostly made from sticks, random boards and pieces of tin and tarps and they have been destroyed by high winds and flooding.  There is widespread loss of crops and livestock.  Bridges and roads have been washed out, making it difficult to get to those in need.  Many have been left homeless and food is in short supply.

We are preparing a shipment of food to Haiti now and will be getting it to those who need it quickly.  We have missionaries (Mission of Hope International) on the ground now that we have worked with since 2008.  They are ready and waiting for the food and will distribute it to other entities in Haiti and directly to those in need.  YOU CAN HELP BY GOING TO THE DONATE PAGE AND MAKING A CONTRIBUTION NOW.  Please mark it for Haiti.

There is still great need in that country! We will continue to send food as long as it's needed there.

For just .25 cents per meal, you can save lives

Haiti FOOD RELIEF Needed Now!