Food Packaging 

​Hamilton Middle School packages food, under the direction of Dean Tammy Bowman:

Mrs. Bowman writes, "Since our involvement with your program over the last year, our scholars have developed a compassionate sense of responsibility to help others that are less fortunate.  Our scholars have been affected in many wonderful ways such as understanding that they have the power to make a difference in the lives of others."

India Packaging is scheduled for September

Orphans in India number over 20 million now and is increasing at a rapid rate  This makes up 4% of their total population.  Hundred of thousands of these children are victims of AIDS/HIV.  Our high-nutrition food is effective in building bodies to resist these diseases.

We are working with local pastors and local officials there to establish a permanent packaging and distribution facility there.

Special Projects

We continue to work on a project in Israel to set up a packaging and distribution center in that country in order to serve the Holy Lands and Middle East more effectively.  As events heat up in that part of the world, food is becoming more and more important.

We want to be able to supply the much needed food in a timely and efficient manner to those who will be effected by the trauma of war and unrest.  

We have worked on this project for four years now, and are within reach of completing it.  We have the food in the country (except for the rice, which we will purchase in country), we have a place to package the food and we have networks to distribute it.

Donations are needed in the amount of $35,000 in order to complete the first phase.  Any donations sent for this purpose should be marked for Israel.

About Us

We are a 501C3 non-profit organization with the goal of significantly reducing the number of hungry children in the USA and feeding starving children throughout the world. We are achieving this by inviting volunteers to become involved in packaging our high-nutrition food. We set up food packaging satellites in the USA and work through partnerships with humanitarian organizations worldwide. To date, Kids Against Hunger has distributed its specially formulated food to starving children and their families in more than 80 countries. The Kids Against Hunger Global, Inc., organization is currently working with Global Hunger Network in order to facilitate the distribution of our food. 

Call to set up your own Packaging Event

​Call (918) 392-5150 to set up a food packaging event for your church, youth group, civic organization or business!