We are a 501C3 non-profit organization with the goal of significantly reducing the number of hungry children in the USA and
feeding starving children throughout the world. We are achieving this by inviting volunteers to become involved in packaging our high-nutrition food. We set up food packaging satellites in the USA and work through partnerships with humanitarian organizations worldwide. To date, Kids Against Hunger has distributed its specially formulated food to starving children and their families in more than 80 countries. The Kids Against Hunger network is currently made up of over 50  satellites across the United States and in Canada.


Another trip was made to Haiti in September of 2015.  A box truck was shipped to Mission of Hope International filled with food, library shelving and school uniforms.  The team distributed food and assembled the library at the school.  

We are happy to work with Pastors Lexidan and Renee Edme at that organization.

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Food Packaging 

​Hamilton Middle School packages food, under the direction of Dean Tammy Bowman:

Mrs. Bowman writes, "Since our involvement with your program over the last year, our scholars have developed a compassionate sense of responsibility to help others that are less fortunate.  Our scholars have been affected in many wonderful ways such as understanding that they have the power to make a difference in the lives of others."

Call to set up your own Packaging Event

​Call (918) 392-5150 to set up a food packaging event for your church, youth group, civic organization or business!

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Everyone knows that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere -
but the second poorest is the reservations of South Dakota!
The ongoing issue of hunger goes far beyond malnutrition.  Poor nutrition causes diabetes, heart disease and causes the children to under-perform in school.  The cycle of poverty and hunger on the Reservations is an issue we want to address by taking the high-nutrition Kids Against Hunger food to the people in this area.
The first trip we made was in November of 2013. Our next trip was in August of 2014 and again in February 2015.  We will continue to make trips to that area to take food, warm winter clothing, blankets, school supplies and best of all - the love of Jesus.

  If you want to be a part of this outreach, you can mark donations for that purpose.
Call 918-392-5150 to schedule your organization for a time to package food to save lives - 
around the corner and around the world.

One child dies every 2 seconds - that's 40,000 every day
from starvation or hunger-related diseases